the dryIng specIalIsts.

WIth our
+ 40 years

of experIence

we supply and advise successful clients from a wide range of industries. We would be pleased to find the optimum solution also for your company.




Environmental consciousness has a high value in our company. With our products, we stand for the highest energy efficiency (up to 85% energy savings compared with conventional drying methods) and completely CO2-free systems.



Quality “Made in Germany” is another focal point of the Hellmann-HYGREX™ GmbH. Quality refers to product-related quality, client-oriented quality, production-oriented quality and value-oriented quality (cost-benefit ratio).

UtIlIse the advantages of HYGREX™ dryIng systems for your products too!

- Client-oriented drying solutions

- Drying temperatures from 0 to 100°C, according to product sensitivity

- Effective dehumidification of air in every temperature range

- Short throughput timesUp to 85 % energy savings compared with conventional drying methods

- CO2-free

- Qualitatively high-value industrial technology

- Continuous industrial use (24 hours per day/7 days per week)

- No exhaust air due to circulating air process

- Reliable drying, gentle to the product

- Up to 10 years warranty ex-works